The French call a bow tie ‘Le Noeud Papillon’ which translates to ‘the knot of the butterfly’ and its history is derived originally from Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian wars of the 17th Century, who used a piece of cloth to shut close the collar of their shirts.

The French upper class adopted the fashion and called them ‘cravats’, derived from the French word for ‘Croat’ and with time the cravat evolved firstly into the bow tie and then later into the neck tie.

Today the bow tie is no longer reserved solely for formal occasions. It can be worn by all walks of life, expressing a different meaning for each individual. A bow tie can be worn as casually as a pochette, a scarf or a tie.

Le Noeud Papillon was founded in Sydney, Australia with the aim at providing beautiful finely made bow ties and accessories for the discerning man, or woman as we have seen more recently, anywhere in the world. We sell our bows and accessories to all four corners of the globe. Like W H Auden's quote, we endeavour to be 'like some valley cheese, local, but prized elsewhere'.

Our products are made in limited numbers to ensure that your personality is not lost in the crowd. To see what we do and what inspires us along the way, please log onto our blog at:

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